Learn to control less and delegate more

For the last three years, I have been coaching a wicked-smart, millennial winemaker and G2 winery owner – let’s call him Mark to give him a face. Lately, Mark and I have been working on how to build effective teams during high-stress, high-change periods, such as this...

17 Points on Strategic Leadership – from food and beverage CEOs

Strategic leadership consists not only of the vision element, but also encompasses other wide-ranging factors. These 17 points from successful CEOs, offer winery leaders a powerful place to start exploring strategic leadership, deepen their practice - to continue...

Four steps to building a business that’s worth more and achieve your goals!

A successful business exit strategy is normally a two-five year process depending upon a number of factors. This article lays out important steps for preparing your business so it can be worth more to a buyer: building business, emotional and financial readiness.

Fighting windmills? How to manage a constantly changing wine landscape.

U.S. Wine industry CEOs are at the epicenter of persistent and rapid change, and many feel like Don Quixote fighting windmills. So many big questions are being debated right now, mainly – How to manage through ...: 'incessant consolidation in distribution’;...
Personal Readiness for an Exit.

Personal Readiness for an Exit.

Are YOU ready for a sale - emotionally and financially? Most entrepreneurial owners have worked 7 X 24 to build their business and have an excruciating time letting go once they sell. Have you figured out what you want to accomplish in your life post sale? If you...

Why small businesses rarely scale and big ones die-off.

Why small businesses rarely scale and big ones die-off.

    At Scion Advisors, we have worked with over 130 private business owners to drive profitable growth. Through this article, we address: what can we learn from businesses that grow and thrive, sustainably? When things don’t work out, we discover a...

Nine innovative ways companies are winning.

Nine innovative ways companies are winning.

The past six months have been less stellar than predicted in this post crisis environment. Four factors stand out that are driving flat foodand beverage trends and weak growth prospects through the remainder of the year: (1) market variation ; (2)...

How to expand your digital sales channels.

How to expand your digital sales channels.

What will it take to scale online wine sales to a billion dollar sales channel? Last night when I watched my husband shop for garden chemicals through AMAZON.COM on his IPAD, two things struck me as odd. First, the IPAD: my husband is the last adopter...

How to grow sales by targeting fast growth export markets.

How to grow sales by targeting fast growth export markets.

Did you know that the Middle East market for food and beverage products is on fire? In just a short two years, Eli's Cheesecakes in the Midwest now exports about 10 percent of their product to a network of 185 restaurants in five Middle Eastern...

How to win in a new environment.

How to win in a new environment.

As we move into Q4 2012, we have good news and not such good news:  Since the credit crunch and ensuing "great recession" of 2007–09, companies worldwide have been battling to survive, sustain and grow in what have continued to be highly unpredictable...


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