What you get.

Far exceeded our expectations! Got done in 3 months what we could not accomplish in 3 years. Plus you believed in our success, which gave us confidence.
Sean Callaway, CEO, Easton Malloy

With a track record building over 150 stronger businesses, we have a proven approach that helps owners unlock enterprise value and achieve growth in cashflow and operating profits. Many of our clients successfully prepare their businesses for successful exit or sale; multi generational or third party.

We manage your process.
We facilitate a disciplined process that engages your team, unleashes knowledge, focuses informed decisions and drives top and bottom line performance.
Transfer knowledge, resources.
At each step we work with your team to translate goals into actions, and convey the knowledge and capacities you need to build a more profitable and sustainable business.
Focus your team.
At Scion we work side-by-side with your team and get agreement on the most effective strategies for your business’s growth stage.


Assess! Align! Plan! Execute!
We bring essential facts to bear; assemble your team, brainstorm and align perspectives; clarify decisions and strategies; build team pratices and hold people accountable.

We move the needle on your business through actionable plans and building team competency.

New market efforts require new knowledge and strategies. Scion Advisors’ Needs Assessment provides insights into market and customer trends, in-depth analysis of your business, organization readiness, its financial structure, customer segments, and distribution channel opportunities. We offer strategic alternatives and work with your executive team to integrate these into a cohesive planning framework.
Align & Plan
We work with your family and business owners to define what success means for you. By bringing seemingly ambiguous family and business goals into alignment, we help you establish clear objectives that provide the foundation for planning. We examine the state of your current business, explore options, and facilitate decision-making to develop a blue print for the future: strategic, financial and family continuity plans.
It all comes down to people – having the right people, in the right roles – and helping them succeed. We help owners develop both the tactical and strategic sides of your business, so that people and systems align with your strategy, goals and vision. Through coaching and introducing new management and governance systems, we support your team’s ability to improve personal performance and deliver greater results.

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